Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Having the Right Equipment

I haven't blogged for several days, but I have exercised. Not sure whether I have failed at Juneathon or not.

On Saturday I went to Primark and bought a new running outfit. When you're exercising every day it's quite tricky if you've only got one set of running clothes to wear. I've yet to try out my new gear as it's best suited to very hot days, and we've not had any of those since I bought it.

It did get me thinking about three new but surprisingly vital pieces of new kit I have invested in for my running, and how important it is to have the right equipment.

1. Sports Bra
These are fab! Who knew? Not being terrifically well endowed, I hadn't thought it could make any difference, but having bought one on Saturday I am now finding running a much more comfortable experience.

2. App
I downloaded a Couch25K app and used it for week 1. It was fine, with beeps and brief instructions at the right intervals, but I then found that I had to buy the full app for week 2. Blow that for a game of toy soldiers, I downloaded a new one - the NHS Choices app, which is free. It's much better. The voice is reassuring, gives encouragement and tips, and it's much quicker and easier to use. I'm actually looking forward to going out with it today. And of course it does all the usual stuff you'd expect it to do, like posting to Facebook and playing my music.

3. Belt
My iphone holder thingy which straps round my arm broke, so I dug out a belt version instead (pictured). I like it better because it's roomy enough to hold my door key, my inhaler and my phone, but still small enough to tuck out of sight under my t-shirt. It's comfortable to wear and fully adjustable for when I (hopefully) get thinner.

So now I'm wondering what other equipment I need to make my running easier. Particularly trainers. I run in Reeboks which cost about £30, but I'm open to suggestions of better footwear.

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