Sunday, 8 June 2014

Day of Rest

The app I use for Couch to 5K tells me quite emphatically that I should have a rest day between each running day. Well, I'm good with that, and I'm not. I'm good with it because I like resting, and I'm not because I signed up to Juneathon so I'm supposed to exercise every day in June.

Luckily, I have long been alternating my run days with swim days. I know swimming is exercise (and good exercise) rather than rest, but it's so much easier and more fun than running that I think it is still giving my running muscles a chance to heal.

Today is Sunday - the day of rest. I have three hours of church, a book club and a drive to Witham, so it's not entirely restful, but I'm trying to show willing. I won't be running today. I won't be swimming, either. I signed up to Juneathon, so I'm supposed to do exercise every day, but today's exercise will be a pleasant walk with the dog. I'm fasting today too (in our church we fast one Sunday a month and give the money we saved on meals to those who can't afford to eat) so it wouldn't be wise to try to do anything major.

So I'm going to enjoy my day of rest, such as it is, and get back to running on Monday.

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