Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Finding Time

So far I have done 5,780 school runs, with 840 still to go before my youngest child is old enough to walk to school by herself. That's a total of seventeen years of having to be at school gates at 9 and 3 each day. Let me tell you, that really eats into your plans for the day.

I also work five hours a day, and with two writing clubs, a book club, church responsibilities (teaching teenagers via Skype from 6.30-7.30 am each day) and attendance, plus the kids activities, and laundry, cooking and housework, it's been really tough in the past to find time to exercise.

But recently I arranged with my boss to change my working hours from 9.30-2.30, to 9-2. It means I have to rush (run?) back from the school run in the morning, and can no longer hang around chatting to the other mums, but it gives me precious free time each day, from the time I finish work each day, to the time I have to get to the school gate again at 3.

As I write this, I'm wearing my M&S tankini under my clothes (to save time). My bag is packed, and the moment 2pm comes round I'll be racing out of the blocks to the gym. I aim to be getting into the pool by 2.15 and out again (having swum 32 lengths - half a mile) by 2.45. That leaves me ten minutes to shower and dress (no time to dry my hair) so that I can get to school no. 1 at 3, and school no. 2 at 3.15.

Tonight is riding for my eldest, and the church youth group. Tomorrow is cheerleading for the middle child and Slimming World for me. Carving time for exercise into my schedule was something of a coup, I feel. (Just don't ask whether I ever do housework.)

How do you find time to exercise?

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