Sunday, 1 June 2014

The German Cake Shop Dilemma

So, Juneathon begins ( Only partway through 100 Happy Days (  I've signed up to another daily commitment. This time I've committed to do some exercise every day, and blog or post about it.

Today I face a choice. This afternoon, several of my friends are going to celebrate the one year anniversary of their favourite local coffee and cake emporium, Anke's. I've never been there, but I understand that the cakes are amazing. My sister recently moved to Germany largely, I suspect (from her numerous Facebook posts involving them), because of the superiority of German cakes, so I've been looking forward to visiting Anke's. And since I'm never averse to spending some quality time with quality people, this afternoon would be the ideal opportunity, especially with the party atmosphere and live music too.

But I need to do some exercise, and with most of the rest of the day taken up with church, cooking and driving to Witham, that two-hour slot this afternoon is the only opportunity I have. It's my swimming day today (I alternate swimming and running) so it would be 32 lengths of the pool followed by a ten minute relax in the spa.

So there's my simple dilemma. Cakes with friends, or a half mile swim?

Tipping the balance are several factors:

  1. I've committed to a pretty major diet goal. I aim to lose 4 stone (56lbs) in 6 months. Tough, but do-able, provided I choose exercise over cakes.
  2. Last time I went to a cafe with said friends (and it was only Friday) it ended in sour cream, nutella, Doritos and pancakes, among other things. 
  3. My eldest daughter is going to come to gym with me, and we can sit in the spa together and put the world to rights.
So while pretty much all of me is clamouring for wonderful cakes in the company of my favourite people, my obligation, thanks to Juneathon and a potty diet goal, is to go for my swim. So my bag is packed, and I'm off now.

Hopefully Anke's will have a two-year anniversary party next year, and my friends will go again, and this time, having been at my goal weight for six months, I'll be able to join them and enjoy a wonderful German cake guilt-free.

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