Friday, 6 June 2014

Not my Best Day

It was raining heavily at 2pm today (the one free hour a day I have to devote to exercise) so I had the bright idea (usually) of going to the gym to run on the treadmill. It was only as I drew into the car park and saw lots of people in workout attire standing outside that I remembered why I had written on my calendar not to go to the gym on 4th June: because they were testing the fire alarms.

So when I finally got in there wasn’t a whole lot left of my free hour.

I then picked a “new” treadmill. I usually run on one of the six treadmills lined up overlooking the pool, but for reasons I can’t begin to guess at now I decided a change would be nice. Of course, it’s probably entirely in my head, but running on that new treadmill seemed so much harder than running on one of my usual ones. Maybe I need a view of a beautiful cool blue pool when I’m working up a head of steam.

Then, partway into my run, I felt the Velcro on my armband—the one which holds my precious iPhone—start to come loose. I panicked and hit the emergency stop just as my phone started tumbling towards the belt and my pounding feet. Luckily I successfully caught my phone before disaster struck.

Unfortunately hitting the emergency stop on a treadmill completely deletes all the data. So I have no idea how far I had run, how fast, or how many calories I’d burned. I reset it and started again, but the Velcro was shot, and I find it really hard to run without the motivation of the beat of my music. So all in all, not a great run, but at least I tried.

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